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Cincy Needs Bike Lanes
My opinon was published by Enquirer 4-26-16 and I did a radio interview with WLW's Bill Cunningham.

John Schneider “Mr. Streetcar” and WLW's Bill Cunningham, my Valentine date.

WLW's Bill Cunningham and I have a Valentine dinner date.  Read on for all details, all related to streetcar.

But first, I produced this video to honor the person who's invested the most time and passion in bringing the streetcar to Cincinnati, John Schneider. I invited him to give a streetcar presentation to Cincinnati Rotary Club and used this video as his introduction.

"Mr. Streetcar" has led dozens of Cincinnatians to Portland over the past 15 years to see the kind of progress that is sparked by investment in modern rail. To see it all in person, and have the opportunity to speak to public officials and business owners in a streetcar city like Portland, you return to Cincinnati ready to fight for our streetcar.

Thank you John, for educating me and so many of my current and former City Council colleagues so we could vote to bring Cincinnati Streetcar. 

Skeptics who made the Portland trip and then converted to streetcar supporters include WBDZ's Lincoln Ware and former Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis. If only WLW's Bill Cunningham would have gone on a Schneider trip...well he'd better honor his bet with me.

I bet Bill Cunningham that Cincinnati Streetcar would be judged a success six months after it's been in operation.  Whoever wins has to take the other to dinner...riding the streetcar to get there.  Since we're opening in September, I think Valentine's Day is a good six month date out that we can remember. 

John Schneider “Mr. Streetcar” from Laure Quinlivan on Vimeo.

District 3 - LEED Platinum, First Net Zero Energy Police Station in USA! 

LQ Consulting has documented construction of the city's first LEED Platinum building. Another first for the City with this project was including citizens in site selection, design and public art. In July 2016, we find out if Cincinnati can claim bragging rights for having the first Net Zero police station in the country! It takes a year of utiity bills to prove it. District 3 has 1200 solar panels on the roof and geothermal heating and cooling underground, but the police are most thrilled with the secure parking, big lockers and workout room. The new District 3 is the shining example of how Cincinnati should construct ALL city buildings in the future.  Watch and see what I mean.

Laure Quinlivan's Streetcar Report from Laure Quinlivan on Vimeo.  I was a streetcar champion long before it was cool, or safe.  My streetcar support may be the main reason I was defeated in 2013, but I would not change a thing about advocating for it.  Now we need people on council who believe it should also go Uptown to the UC area, and to other neighborhoods. The planning is already overdue.